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Techie Graphics is a strategy-led digital marketing agency with a growing reputation for delivering the best integrated digital campaigns of the best digital marketing agencies in the world. In an increasingly digitally connected world, a sound digital strategy is an important component of your overall business strategy. Our clients and our teams help us outperform other agencies. We evolve and deliver the most successful business strategies. We provide most effective campaigns.
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What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing over internet usingvarious online platforms like search engines, social media, e-mail marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing and others via digital devices is known as digital marketing.
Digital Marketing Process
Generating Targeted Traffic
Lead Generation

Why to choose Techie for Graphics Digital Marketing?

A good website designed to convert visitors to consumers
A website that tells visitors why they should become your customer
Customised SEO plan to the get the right people to visit your site
We analyse how consumers decide
Social Media posts that get your fans to share your business with their friends so as to create referral traffic and grow your new and potential customers.


Digital Marketing Strategy
Techie Graphics works with clients to plan and execute innovative cross-channel strategies that win real results. We make the right balance between client's goals and current market trends.

Responsive Web Design
Website is the most important tool for communicating your brand and being able to acquiring new clients, customers and business partners. It must engage visitors and make them take actions that convert into revenue. We plan, develop and execute website designs.

Brand is much more than a logo or a colour. Brand reflects how people feel; understand your business, products and services. We partner with clients to create brands that leave impressions that last for a lifetime.

SEO/Local Search Optimization
Search engines lay a foundation for strong online presence by allowing your website to gain popularity in search engines for terms relevant to your business.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the only way to gain online visibility on search engines through buying advertising spots on search engines. While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to earn traffic via unpaid ways, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way to buy traffic through paid activities. Both SEO and SEM are important part of online marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click is a business model of internet marketing in which an advertiser pay a fee each time (to a website owner or network of websites) when his advertisement is clicked.

Facebook Paid Advertising
Facebook advertisements help companies to reach out to millions of customers across the world based on their income levels, age, interests, location, gender, profession and more.

Social Media Optimisation
Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of product, brand or event by using social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, what Sapp etc. to generate publicity.

Video Marketing
It is a type of internet marketing in which businesses create short videos of 1 to 5 minutes about their products and services in order to gain publicity and increase revenue.

E-mail Marketing
It is a tool used to reach consumers through e-mail. It is a process of directly sending a commercial message to a potential or a current customer.
Social media gives each and every one the power to converse, share and connect with each-other. Knowing what your audience talk about, and why allow you to reach strategically insights and help you to gain new leads.

Mobile Applications
We have an unquenchable passion for creating inspirational, innovative and unique mobile apps for engaging the customer. We create spectacular apps by using the latest technology.
We help our clients reach and engage customers in ways other agencies cannot.

Company Mission

To provide high quality service that combine creativity and technology. To emerge as the most passionately referred agency in the field of website development. Our main objective is to satisfy customer with a creative website that meets his business needs.

Our Skills

Techie Graphics creates Business Website, E-Commerce Website, Personal/Portfolio Website,Blogging Website, Non-Profit Website, and Social Network/Community Website. Responsive Web design, logo design, braindng design, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing.

Why Techie Graphics

Today’s market needs idea centric brand thinking, promotion and brand idea and networks are the new ways to competitive advantage. Techie Graphics has expertise in evolving brand specific business strategies and implementing them in novel ways.